About Elite Football Clinic
— Play Hard Play Smart

The Elite Football Clinic is the Indian subsidiary of the The Elite Academy-UK which is is a full time professional school of football excellence, allowing football players of all abilities to receive professional tuition at its highest level. The Elite Academy deems its school to be part of the professional development within the game of football.

With the professional game developing on what seems to be on a daily basis, The Elite Football Clinic has developed a programme that has extracted some of the finest techniques in the world. This has been completed with the use of our full time professional consultants who have been working alongside some of the world’s most prestigious youth football academics.

The Elite Football Clinic deems that presentation and demonstration is of exceptional importance when coaching a player of youth stature. This is why our professional football package contains compact grouping, enabling our experts to focus their attention on a player receiving an elevated level of personal input.


All our programmes are conducted by our very own coaches. The Elite Football Clinic has an incredibly proud history and has a particular source of pride in its ability to develop youth players. Our programme consists of a series of individual technical assessments combined with classroom lectures. The Elite Football Clinic will steer players of all abilities through its player development programme.
The basic purpose of the project is to encourage the local youth of our country towards this sport by providing them with quality training & skills under the world’s best coaches & faculty in their vicinity.
It is aimed at levelling up the game of Indian budding players to compete at the international levels by providing them with the best of European guidance into fitness & football training, together with a stage to perform & represent their game. It is a single platform where the great football giants will come together to sharpen the talents of the young India & shaping the future of Indian Football on the international field.


Joint Programs

We intend to involve various field plays, cultural exchange program fitness & social education program certifications, courses both for coaches & students of different schools, cultures or economic backgrounds to come together for the spirit of the ball. Our introduction of girl’s football will provide the young female enthusiasts with an introduction to participation in the game both as players & coaches. All these initiatives will help to build the young Indian buds to bloom in the international arena of the game.

The Partnership

We are embarking on the beautiful journey of self-discovery & would love to have you on board with us, together aiming at a better future for our budding young talents & taking India forward towards the zenith of World Football, cheering in the spirit of sports. EFC is working to open the world platform for Indian talents with their affiliations with footballs clubs in countries such as UK, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Brazil. Join us in our endeavour of celebrating the sport called Football.